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Is the Candida yeast diet able to get rid of Candida Tropicalis for good???

by Debbie Lawson
(Santa Rosa, CA)

Daughter was diagnosed with AML Leukemia - chemo caused her heart to stop twice, kidneys failed, liver messed up; bowels backed up so bowel obstruction surgery & appendix were removed at same time AND that’s when they found fungal infections (12/22/20).

Now jump ahead to 9/27/21 and she had a liver biospy recently done, & docs believe the fungus is Candida tropicalis. She’s been on antifungal IVs, antibiotics, abscesses on liver are getting bigger….She’s on a tube feed because after the surgery she couldn’t eat, “tube feed now is 948mls every day and it’s fine for her kidneys, but second ingredient is CORN SYRUP & 5th ingredient is SUGAR!

Friday, Oct. 1 MRI to check abscesses.

I’m ready to tell the nutritionist to get her off the Tube formula with sugar and let’s go to one that has no SUGAR!

She has just started eating a bit. The thing that she can keep down is bagels. But evidently that is bad for her? She can’t eat much without vomiting. She has a lot of nausea.

Can this diet help her get back to “normal”??

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Sep 30, 2021

by: Dan

The red and white blood cells require some carbs daily to function correctly and those white blood cells are part of her immune system. If she is being fed through an IV she needs some sugar (carbs) for those blood cells to function. Cutting all carbs would shut down her immune system.

However, corn syrup is fructose which is processed by the liver and excessive consumption can lead to fatty liver disease. Some suggest that fructose also feeds Candida yeast but this study points out that fructose may prevent the development of candidiasis, at least in the mouth of diabetics.

If her bone marrow has recovered but is struggling to produce red and white blood cells. The liquid vitamin Intramax by Drucker Labs might help, it helped me 10 years ago when I was on low dose chemo for six months.

I can only assume they tested the fungus to identify the species and then tested to see what kills it. If they did not test to see what kills it, Fluconazole is the drug of choice for this species. However, Itraconazole, Voriconazole, Posaconazole, the Enchinocandins, and Amphotericin B all have positive effects against Candida tropicalis. Many times for systemic infections like this, you have to use multiple drugs to get it under control, like was done here.

At this point, due to the severity of this infection, diet alone is not going to resolve this, she needs the antifungal drugs.

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