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I have mercury in my mouth and perhaps in my brain as well. What do you recommend?

by Carla
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I'm a 79 year old woman and I had many mercury fillings. I am now starting to loose my memory. What product do you recommend?

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Jan 22, 2022

by: Dan

First of all, just because you had many mercury amalgam fillings in your life doesn't mean your body has a hard time detoxing itself of mercury. 25% of the population does have a problem detoxing mercury but the other 75% does not. You could be one of those 75% and there is something else going on. So the best thing to do is to be tested.

We recommend either a hair test or a urine challenge test. Both are more accurate than a blood test, which only measures circulating mercury in the blood and not the bodies tissues. You can do a hair test on your own but a urine challenge test should be done under the supervision of your doctor.

If the levels come back high and you still have those fillings, they should be removed prior to chelation.

DMSA works well to remove both circulating mercury and mercury lodged in the tissues. Generally, with DMSA you would take it for 10 days then take 10 days off. During those off days you could take zeolite.

Alternatives are EDTA and DMPS by IV, which will require a doctor. Because of DMPS's many side effects, it is usually used as a last resort. When using DMPS being under a doctors care is extremely important.

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