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How long do I take Biofase?

by Denise
(Louisiana )

I’ve been taking Biofase about a month now and feel great. How do I know when I can stop taking these? Isn’t some Candida helpful to the body?

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Apr 08, 2021

by: Dan

The only way to really know when to stop is to be stool tested. Candida yeast levels on that stool test should come in as undetectable, this is the level we typically see after treatment. That doesn't mean it is all gone, it's just that levels are very low like they should be. Just like pathogenic bacteria, one Candida yeast cell can turn into trillions under the right conditions.

If you don't do a stool test I would base it on how I felt. Or just to be safe, take it for 3 months. You could also do like I and many other people do, take 2 Biofase with 2 Profase every morning for maintenance. There are no down sides to taking these enzymes and probiotics daily for as long as you want, only benefits.

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