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How do I know whether it is SIBO, Candida, or Parasites?

by Hal

Hi! I recently went to see my doctor regarding gut issues I am having. Mostly (sorry if this is TMI) being EXTREMELY constipated and having distention & bloating in the abdominal area. I tested negative for H. Pylori. I do not know how to determine whether I have SIBO, Candida, or a parasitic infection. Or all three. They tend to all overlap in symptoms. I am not sure the route I should take with supplements. Any advice on what protocol to follow?

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Mar 28, 2023

by: Dan

The only way to really know what is going on is to be tested. I have a webpage explaining your test options here if you care to take a look. I do suggest the stool tests because they check for parasites, good and bad bacteria, and Candida or other yeasts. If pathogens are found at higher levels, they also test to see what would be effective medications and supplements. You are also welcome to send us the test results by email and we will give you our suggestions.

Although the stool test checks for bad bacteria, it doesn't check to see if they are over grown in the small intestine. On this webpage are a couple of links for SIBO testing if you want to verify if you have it or not. However, bloating, especially after meals, is a classic SIBO symptom.

You could treat yourself for all of it all at once and if you would like some suggestions, send us an email through this webpage.

Any other questions let us know.

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