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How do I achieve a Neutral PH ? And how do I maintain that?

by Melissa
(Davie, Florida)

I am experiencing chronic yeast infections (every month on the 5th day of my period). Unfortunately, doctors only want to treat the infection and don't care to find the reason for it. I'm assuming my ph is alkaline. I'm not sure where to go from here with my problem.

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Jan 02, 2023

by: Dan

Recurring vaginal yeast infections can have different causes.

Over alkalinity is one and you should confirm by testing. Taking probiotic bacteria will help to establish a more acidic environment. A balanced diet of meat, vegetables and low sugar fruits may also help.

To much estrogen is another, which typically manifests as painful pms symptoms. High estrogen can be offset with progesterone cream.

Women that have an over growth of yeast in their intestines will re-infect themselves over and over again until the intestinal yeast levels are brought under control.

In some cases, there is immune system dysfunction, primarily low white blood cell counts.

This webpage has much more information about vaginal yeast infections that you might find to be helpful.

Any other questions let us know.

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