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How can you tell if your amalgam fillings are a problem?

by Steven Stuart
(Boston )

How can you tell if your amalgam fillings are affecting your health?

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Oct 13, 2021

by: Dan

Other than reviewing these mercury poisoning symptoms here, the only way to really know is to be tested.

You can see your doctor and have them do a blood test for mercury. This test will only measure the amount of mercury that is circulating in your blood stream. It will not measure the amount that may have settled in your bodies tissues.

Having your doctor do a urine challenge test using either DMSA or DMPS is much more accurate. DMSA and DMPS will pull mercury from your bodies tissues to be removed through your urine. Usually three samples are taken and sent to a lab to be analyzed.

I have seen blood tests for mercury come back ok but a follow up urine challenge test showed high levels of mercury.

Typically, if your fillings are over 10 years old they probably leak and could be effecting your health. However, 75% of people are able to detox themselves of this mercury without any problems. The other 25% have a problem detoxing themselves of mercury and should address the high levels.

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