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Help to stop very painful muscle pain that has settled in both arms


These mysterious, achy pains started in left arm now are in both arms. I also have itchy spells with both being worse at night disturbing my sleep. I can't connect these pains to any product or food so far. I have tried Activated Charcoal, systemic enzymes with Boswellia, Omega 3's, Curcumin, hot and cold wraps, Candida cleanse products, etc. I am going to get some labs to check my blood.

Any and all advice will be appreciated. I am really suffering as the continuous use of my arms is necessary on a daily basis.

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Apr 24, 2023
by: Dan

If the pain is similar to cramping you might try a potassium and magnesium supplement. Drinking plenty of water daily to help remove toxins may also help.

Mercury poisoning can cause muscle pains that seemingly move around from one place to another as well.

Quite possibly the blood work will reveal other issues.

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