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Does Biofase also kill good bacteria?

by Rita

Does Biofase also kill bacteria, good and bad?

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Apr 13, 2022

by: Dan

Biofase removes the biofilms created by bad bacteria but will not kill the bacteria themselves. It will not kill good bacteria either.

If you want to kill bad bacteria you would need to add herbs or antibiotics to do so.

When it comes to yeasts, it removes the biofilms they create and does attack all parts of the cell wall structure.

In addition, the serrapeptase in Biofase digests the fibrin component that yeasts use to anchor their biofilms to your intestinal wall. This process breaks loose the biofilm so you can pass it in your stool. Good bacteria then move into this newly freed up space preventing yeast from re-attaching.

You can review the structure of biofilms and yeast here if you care too.

I also have a page on how these enzymes work on biofilms on this page as well.

Any other questions please let me know.

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