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Do you suggest any of these products for bacterial vaginosis?

by Courtney

I suffer from chronic bacterial vaginosis. It will clear with antibiotics but as soon as my cycle starts or my partner and I have sex, it comes right back. Do any of the items here cover BV?

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Mar 18, 2022
Our Reply
by: Dan

Bacterial vaginosis infections occur when the pH of the vagina exceeds 4.5, typically getting up to 6 or 6.5. This elevated pH can also be a trigger for vaginal yeast infections. The bacteria that causes them is usually Gardnerella which produces a fishy smelling discharge compared to yeast which doesn't smell. However, Peptostreptococcus and Prevotella have also been associated with these infections.

This published study about bacterial vaginosis talks about the possibility of it being a sexually transmitted disease. If you and your partner are exclusive to one another this probably doesn't apply to you. However, I would have him practice good hygiene until this is resolved.

It also talks about the ability of this bacteria to produce biofilms which allows it to evade the antibiotics. This evasion suggests that pockets of the bacteria, protected by the biofilm, come back and re-infect the host. They also mention that re-infection could be occurring because of too much Gardnerella in the intestines; it simply transfers much like yeast does.

They also talk about the lack of hydrogen peroxide producing bacteria in women that suffer from recurrent infections. Hydrogen peroxide producing bacteria, mainly lactobacillus species, naturally lower the pH in the intestines and the vagina keeping it under 4.5. If you keep the pH low like it should be, Gardnerella will not over grow.

This study on Science Direct further confirms the hydrogen peroxide theory.

Without having stool test results to see if any of the above mentioned bacteria are over grown in your intestine, it would be best to just assume they are and treat yourself accordingly.

For the biofilm, we prefer Biofase but we have done a review on other biofilm removing enzyme formulas on this webpage.

Then we suggest a probiotic that contains many species of lactobacillus bacteria at high doses to get the pH back to normal. We would use the 11-Strain probiotic we talk about here. An Adult scoop contains 100 billion bacteria and six lactobacillus strains, the other five strains are bifidobacteriums.

You could take these alongside another antibiotic round if you so choose. Doing so would make the antibiotic more effective because you would be removing the biofilm so the antibiotic could kill it all.

Good doses would be two or three Biofase with one scoop 11-Strain at least one hour before breakfast and at bedtime. An alternative to the antibiotic would be douching either daily if needed, or two or three times a week with 2 tbls hydrogen peroxide. However, the syringe therapy will not solve any over growth in the intestine.

Any other questions let us know.

Mar 19, 2022
Borax suppository
by: Anonymous

Borax suppositories are a game changer to correct ph. You do not need a prescription.

Mar 19, 2022

by: Dan

This is correct, boric acid has been found to work for BV. But as this study points out, so does hydrogen peroxide. Neither vaginal treatment will address any underlying overgrowth in the intestine, the enzymes and probiotics will.

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