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Do you still take Biofase and Profase during the colon cleanse?

by Kel

Hi Dan,

I was diagnosed with easophageal candidasis, approx 2 years ago.

I have been on the diet, no sugar, no grains ( apart from organic brown rice cakes ) can’t afford to do all organic, and I do eat cheeses and some manufactured meats. And I am probably guilty at times, of not reading all labels sufficiently, looking for that fine print of ingredients. On the whole it’s salad, veg and mince meats and tinned tuna.

The medical system here, is in denial of issues with Candida, thrush isn't recognized. Therefore there are no tests requested for it, and if there happens to be a G P requesting pathology as diagnosis, he can be disbarred for a period of time. So Doctors are hard to find that would be open to treating something that’s not visible.

I have been on antidepressants that are just not working, and I am leaning towards the fact that it has possibly moved on to the brain, as I have a lot of brain fog, cannot work out minor problems, a small stressor is a major one now.

I am 75, just diagnosed as Asperger’s, (which makes sense of my life from my very early years.)

I don’t think my times up, but I do need to do something myself, as there is no one else able to help. A good Doctor is very rare now.
After I had been diagnosed and treated, ( treated with Diflucan then fungilin, then a new Doctor put me on Sporonex and I was told it was gone.

I continued with 1x biofase and 1x profase. ( which I realized was not sufficient ) and was still on that amount up to today. The lack of money contributed to my low dosage.

What would be steps for me in getting past this depression, anxiety and brain fog ?

Warm regards,

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Dec 29, 2021

by: Dan

Hi Kel,

Did they actually retest you to verify you where no longer infected? Stool test? Endoscopy? Maybe a swab test on the back of your throat?

Candida yeasts will produce alcohols as a by product of processing nutrients for survival. Basically, its the waste from their food consumption. Studies have shown that these alcohols can make a person feel like they are slightly drunk. That would explain the brain fog you are having and could be contributing to the anxiety and depression. Based on those symptoms and the original diagnosis, there is a very good possibility that this is also over grown in your intestines.

If you could get the doctor to identify species and the lab to test drugs to see what kills it, that would be helpful. But it sounds like that is not possible. So I would raise the Biofase and Profase doses to at least 2 capsules each two or three times per day an hour before meals. I would also consider Microfase or quite possibly you can find something similar in your area. Or at least take grapefruit seed extract, berberine, oregano oil, and Uva Ursi as suggested on the label 30 minutes before meals. Consuming cold pressed coconut oil by the tbls with meals might also help.

The above suggestion is the most aggressive type of treatment plan using natural methods and should produce results. As the Candida is killed off your symptoms should get better.

Any other questions let me know.

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