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Candida Diet Protocol Questions

by Kate

I struggle to find the consistency in this diet. How long do I have to follow it? How many carbs daily can I have? Finally after searching many times on this page I found 50-60g per day, but is that after the first 2 weeks? What does the first 2 weeks look like? How many carbs can I have? And in one of your articles I found that I can eat almonds but in another one that I can't. I am confused. Can I get some clarification.

Thank you

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May 16, 2021

by: Dan

The length of time that you should follow the diet varies from one person to the next based on the severity of the infection. A mild infection would clear up quicker than a moderate or severe infection; so the diet would not have to be followed as long. Moderate to severe infections may also require yeast cleansing supplements as well.

It is often best to be as strict as possible the first couple weeks but not required. Some people can be strict, I can get by on 40 grams of carbs a day no problem, others may experience an energy crash and not be able to function. These people require more carbs initially and can start out with that 50 to 60 grams of carbs per day.

If you normally consume a very high carb diet, it could take 2 or 3 weeks for your body to adapt to the lower carb amounts. Sometimes the body has to relearn how to burn fat for fuel.

Almonds can be consumed if they are fresh and not moldy.

Any other questions, please let me know.

Jun 07, 2021
I have a Candida Diet Protocol Question
by: Carol

Hi, I started the Candida cleanse about 6 weeks ago and I’ve noticed a huge difference in my symptoms. However, I have started having trouble with severe Gas, Bloating and indigestion. I’m currently taking 1 Biofase and 1 Profase (once per day). The stomach aches and gas, come just after taking the pills, (with or without food). The first week I didn’t notice as much discomfort. My question; 1) Is this caused by the severity of my Candida? 2) What can I do for the discomfort. Thanks Carol

Jun 08, 2021

by: Dan

Hi Carol,

It could be but it could also be sibo, or small intestinale bacterial over growth. Try taking the Biofase all by itself for a few days, don't take Profase at all and let me know what happens.

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