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Can zeolite be taken by someone with a stent in the heart?

by Jane

It being metal. Which for 20 years shes been telling Dr. she is allergic to the metal. They disregard her. This person is on all the typical heart meds, high blood pressure meds, cholesterol and pain meds, theres probably 16 meds. I personally think its all the meds are contributing to making her sick. But thats not my question, just details.

She has had a mysterious agonizing one sided body pain since spring 2021. I feel helpless to help her.

I myself have had this mysterious crippling whole body inflammatory pain since same date. I was concerned about it being MS. I started taking zeolite 2 weeks ago. My crippling pain is down to 20% of what it was.

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Aug 09, 2023

by: Dan

Most stents are made of a nickel-titanium alloy or stainless steel.

Looking at this study zeolite has been found to remove nickel from the body. They did not test its affects on stainless steel. The best thing to do here is check with your doctor or contact the company that sells zeolite and get their opinion.

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