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Can you have multiple human parasites at once?

by Rachael
(Charleston South Carolina )

I am having terrible stomach issues, my skin has black hair like things sticking out and patches of discoloration spots all over my entire body. I’m losing my hair, my skin also looks like a bad case of adult acne. I was 155 lbs and the weight loss is out of control, I’m down to about 100 lbs.

My stool has blood in it an is covered with a clear like mucus and I wake up with bruises and scratches. My fingernails aren’t even nails anymore they are always red and swollen along with my feet and have fungus on them if they aren’t rotted off.

I don’t sleep much, have nervous energy, can’t focus and am short tempered. My eye recently felt sore with a little brownish dot on my bottom lid. My vision is hazy, eyes are very itchy and have turned completely black and blue.

I have round sores through out my body that itch and also hurt. When I wipe after using the bathroom the toilet paper has tiny hairs and triangle looking things on it and some things that glow.


I’m spitting things out of my mouth that looks like tissues from my body. I have videos and photos of very scary things coming out of me through my skin as well as in the toilet and believe me when I say some are alive in the toilet, they look like a cocoon.

Please help me, my primary care doctor has done nothing for me, tells me to take Xanax and Valium and to rest. She has misdiagnosed me and put me in the system as needing a psychologist so anywhere I go to get treatment, or to show a doctor what is happening with me, they won’t treat me because of my primary cares notes in the system.

Please help me, if I’m crazy put me away but I promise you this is more real then I ever thought a human could go through.

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Dec 27, 2021

by: Dan

If you are seeing things that move around in your stool or in the toilet, you probably do have parasites. There may also be other problems but the first thing to do is to treat yourself for parasites. Click on this link and get at least 1 Cleanse kit. Two kits would actually be best so you kill any hatching eggs in month two. Once you receive the kit follow the directions as they suggest.

If after a month on the first cleanse, if you are still seeing things in your stool that don't belong there, add 2 capsules a day of this product. Take 2 capsules in the afternoon.

As an alternative you could take the Purify Parasite Support right from the start with the cleanse kit as well. Both products contain different ingredients and when used together are extremely thorough.

After the two months, the parasites will be gone. But if there are any other issues, please feel free to contact me again and I can give you further suggestions.

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