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Can I take biofase after meals?

by Timothee

Hi Dan. Can I take biofase after a meal, like 2-3h after? I'm taking timed release caprylic acid 1h before meal and it's seen to be effective. But the time delayed capsule use cellulose as a main ingredient so I can't take it with biofase.

I've another somewhat weird question. If I take biofase 3h after a meal and I drink, for instance, is there a risk that the water will "push" the enzymes into the food in the small intestine? I'm asking because I want the best efficacy.

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Oct 09, 2022

by: Dan

Hi Timothee,

Yes you can take Biofase two or three hours after a meal but this isn't the most efficient time to do so. For the best results we recommend at least one hour before breakfast and at bedtime. The cellulose in the caprylic acid capsule is not an issue, the Biofase capsules are also cellulose so you could take them together or Biofase 30 minutes before hand.

Typically, it takes two to four hours for a meal to drop out of the stomach into the small intestine. The time can vary depending on the size of the meal, what it was composed of, and the general digestive efficiency of the person. So yes, it is possible that the enzymes will end up coming into contact with the food you ate three hours prior. This would result in those enzymes digesting that food and not going after any biofilms or yeast cells.

Any other questions let me know.

Jan 24, 2024
Multivitamins or any other with biofase? NEW
by: Anonymous

Can I take vitamins, electrolytes, apple cider vinegar or herbal supplements concurrently with biofase enzymes?

Really appreciate your page btw!!

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