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Can I permanently cure my Candida without removing several gold fillings in my mouth?

by Carla

I am 64 years old. I had several amalgam fillings removed and replace with gold about 40 years ago. I’ve had brain fog and several other symptoms since (abnormal bowels, dry brittle hair and nails, crepey dry skin, toenail fungus, insomnia, anxiousness, depression, itchy skin, and periods of weight gain or loss). Most recently I’ve had significant unexplained weight, muscle and bone LOSS.

Stool testing over the years has shown a Candida overgrowth but my doctor ignores this finding stating everyone has Candida. All other blood work and medical tests are normal. If I proceed with your recommended plan for eliminating Candida and heavy metals without having my gold fillings removed will I be able to cure my Candida?

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Apr 19, 2023

by: Dan

As far as I know, gold is not one of the metals Candida will absorb or use in the construction of its biofilm. We have not encountered any studies that would suggest its used by the cell either. Mercury however is definitely absorbed and used for biofilm construction.

Studies have shown that toxic risks associated with gold are low when compared to other metals such as mercury and lead. Gold is also chemically inert, meaning it won't break down during digestion. If the fillings do indeed leak, those particles will pass through.

You should not have to remove your gold fillings.

Any other questions let us know.

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