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Can enzymes be applied directly to the tongue for oral thrush?

by Veronica
(United Kingdom)

I have oral thrush which emanates halitosis. I'm currently on Balance One supplements and Serrapeptase. Instead of consuming these directly so they end up in the gut, would it be an idea instead, to apply the contents directly on to the oral thrush, with the aim of dislodging the Candida from the tongue?

Sorry but GPs have only prescribed nystatin and fluconozole which have not helped at all.

Thank you.


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Oct 29, 2023
Our Answer
by: Dan

Hello Veronica,

Halitosis or bad breath, is typically caused by bacteria.

In the past I have had people empty a capsule of Biofase into their mouths before bedtime and leave it there all night with very good results.

Your GP could send a swab sample to a lab to identify the yeast or bacterial species and what medications kill it. They could then prescribe an effective medication.

Any other questions let use know.

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