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Can Candida yeast cause food sensitivities?

by Melissa

I'd like to know more about food sensitivities caused by Candida and if I should continue to avoid those foods while on the Candida diet. A lot of the ok foods are also foods I'm sensitive to according to a recent VAS test I've had done. I would also like to know which supplements would be beneficial for ridding Candida infection.

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Apr 17, 2021
by: Dan

VAS testing can be accurate depending upon how its done and who is reading it. However, according to a doctor we use for allergy problems, avoiding the foods that are positive is not going to resolve the sensitivities. You are much better off to find a doctor that does Nambudripad Allergy Elimination Techniques (Naet), that can test you for these foods, reset the energy pathways and correct the problem. VAS does not allow you to do that.

Candida itself will not cause food sensitivities but does release toxins as it assimilates sugars and simple carbohydrates. Bad bacteria problems can do the same thing. This leads a person to believe the food is the issue when in reality the pathogen and resulting toxins are the problem... eliminate the pathogen and the sensitivities go away.

If you have not tested the Candida strain that you are infected with, and therefore have no idea what will kill it, we strongly suggest you follow the treatment plan on this webpage and use the Biofase, Profase and Microfase kit.

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