A Simple Candida Yeast Treatment System

I developed this simple candida yeast treatment system for people that felt they did not need to do the systemic yeast protocol. The cost is much lower and the products are still the best of the best for killing yeast and candida based on real medical studies.

The Treatment System

Suggested product list:

The Ultimate Cleanse

Coconut Oil or Capsules





These products can be purchased in a kit here at 10% below individual pricing or individually.

Candida Yeast Treatment Stages

The treatment system basically works in three stages that slightly overlap.

Stage One

While you are waiting for the above products to arrive, start the candida yeast diet that is found here. You need to stay on the diet the entire time you follow this treatment system. For the first two weeks do not take any of the recommended anti-fungals to help minimize any possible die-off symptoms. If you find that the diet produces no die-off symptoms, you may begin using the products immediately. If you do experience die-off symptoms, then you may begin using the products two weeks after beginning the candida diet or whenever you feel up to it.

First thing in the morning take the parasite pills that come with the Ultimate Cleanse. 20 to 30 minutes later take the powder and then you can have breakfast. This cleanse kills any parasites that may be present in the liver and intestine  It also helps to remove any built up mucous over the protective bio-film candida yeast builds around itself as a means of protection. By removing this mucous, the enzymes in Biofase are much more effective.

At breakfast, lunch and dinner take 1 Tbls of the coconut oil or four coconut oil capsules. Note: Coconut oil is not only a medically proven yeast killer and is easily converted to energy to be used by the body. It also stops the production of high density Ldl cholesterol, the bad kind, and boosts the production of Hdl cholesterol, the good kind. It will also lower triglyceride levels as long as you don't eat a high carb and sugar diet. The brain loves the ketones for fuel and studies have shown it helps reverse Alzheimers and Parkinsons disease. Coconut oil also helps breakdown the bio-film.

Drink the tea that comes with the cleanse an hour or two after dinner and you can take the probiotics that come with the cleanse either 30 minutes before dinner or at bedtime.

Do the above for one week.

Week Two

This is the time to add Biofase, Profase, and Floraphage, at a dose of one capsule each, one hour before you take the parasite capsules, in the morning if at all possible. If this is not possible, then in between breakfast and lunch will do. The second dose should be taken at bedtime.

Also take 1 capsule of Microfase 30 minutes before lunch and dinner.

Continue with the cleanse products and coconut oil as you were doing in week one.

Stage Two

Week Three

Raise the dose of Biofase, Profase, and Microfase to two capsules each time you take them as before, and keep the Floraphage dose at one capsule each.

Continue with the coconut oil and Ultimate cleanse.

Week Four

Increase the dose of Biofase to three capsules two times per day. Continue taking one Floraphage with Biofase and two Profase. You could at this time raise the dose of Microfase to three capsules if you choose.

You will finish the Ultimate cleanse at the end of this week.

Week Five

Now that the 30 day supply of the Ultimate cleanse has run out, an hour before breakfast take three capsules of Biofase, with two capsules of Profase and one capsule of Floraphage and repeat at bedtime.

Microfase could be increased to four capsules twice a day.

Stay on the diet and keep taking the coconut oil as well.

Stage 3

Week Six & Beyond

Keep taking Biofase, Profase and Floraphage an hour before breakfast and at bedtime at the same dose as before. Take Microfase before lunch and dinner as always.

At this point you should have this pretty much under control, but I would not let up if I were you. Candida yeast has a very nasty habit of coming back if you stop treating it too soon. I usually suggest treating yourself for 30 to 60 days after all symptoms have disappeared. However, only you can be the judge because only you know how you feel.

Important Note: Although this simple candida yeast treatment system is designed to minimize die-off or cleansing reactions, and is set up to raise doses on a weekly basis, you don't have to follow this timeline if you are nor experiencing these reactions. You can raise the doses sooner for much quicker results.

Candida Yeast Treatment & Dual Infections

What I mean by Dual infection is that if you also have skin yeast, vaginal yeast or penile yeast, you should treat those infections directly at the same time. This  candida yeast treatment system is so much more effective this way because you are treating the outside along with the inside.

So if you suffer from one of the above infections, see these pages below.

Vaginal Yeast Infection Remedies

Treating Penis Yeast Infections

Treating Skin Yeast Infections

Hi Dan,

I'm having phenomenal results with your program. Almost two months into it and I've lost 20 lbs., my energy is returning, my mind doesn't feel as foggy anymore (it's much more sharp and clear), I've been able to start returning to my usual physical training for sand volleyball (something I haven't been able to handle in about 4-5 years), and, I'm finally feeling like I can competently care for my son (I'm a single mom and have had huge amounts of anxiety and fear over this).

Anyhow, all of that to say that I'm very, very grateful!!! :)



If you have any questions about this candida yeast treatment system, or concerns or problems during the treatment, or any other questions, please contact me by using the form on the contact page.

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