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My Yeast Infection Story


Welcome to my website. This is my yeast infection story that spans almost 40 years. It is really nothing glamorous or special. I am just your average guy next door, but I did suffer dearly for a long long time. It didn't help that most doctors don't have any clue that it causes so many modern day diseases which is astounding. Much less do they even have a clue how to treat it.

I believe all my problems started at about six months old when I got pneumonia and was hospitalized. There I was at six months of age being put on antibiotics and I probably did not have enough bacteria in my digestive system to start with. I didn't get the benefit of mother’s milk or colostrum, in those days they thought it was not needed and it was socially unacceptable. That is how babies get their antibodies and growth factors and help good bacteria to grow in their bodies. Mom passes these things on to them in the milk along with colostrum that activates the immune system.

Well I got over the pneumonia of course but from then on I would have bronchitis or pneumonia every year sometimes two and three times. Of course they gave me antibiotics, it seems that is all doctors know how to do, and I ended up having pneumonia 8 times in my childhood. This went on for about 10 years and then I got a case of diarrhea that lasted about a month. I was miserable and I still remember it to this day. So they changed my diet and discontinued antibiotics and I finally got better. Funny how I never got ear infections since these can be caused by yeast infections also.

I did get athletes feet all the time and had ringworm once if I remember right. More yeast infection of the skin, my feet would smell so bad it was unbearable sometimes. I had athletes feet all the time into my 30's and could not wear tennis shoes. I had to buy good quality leather shoes and use powders on my feet.

In my teenage years in the 70's I started drinking beer and partying it up with my friends. This is about when my new digestive problems started, but I thought it was from the beer of course. I am sure some of it was but what I didn't know was I was killing good bacteria from doing this. My 20's were much the same as my teenage years. I guess I didn't want to grow up.

But I did have times when I quit drinking beer and would get better as far as my digestion. I had a friend at one time that had a friend whose wife made garlic cloves soaked in honey. I would eat 6 to 10 cloves of garlic everyday because of this and ate them for about 6 months straight. I tried to reproduce what they had done following their directions but the garlic would always spoil. What I didn't know was it killed the candida I did have at the time.

I would eventually go back to beer drinking again and it wasn't long after the digestive problems returned. I had no idea what I was doing to myself and the candida would return time and time again. It made my life miserable and I had no clue why. My wife's in-laws knew a lady that had an herbal store and she told me one time that I probably had candida. I bought this candida diet book, thumbed through it, and set it aside.

Now at about this time I would get very depressed, was suicidal at times, craved sugars, (beer took care of this) and was diagnosed with hypoglycemia. Never had any energy in the afternoons. Would get bloated, had bad gas all the time, and would have very loose stools. I spent a fair amount of time on the toilet every morning but at least I was regular.

Some mornings I would make 4 or 5 trips to the toilet before I could even get out of the house, a nice firm stool was a rare occasion.

The yeast infection did get so bad I thought maybe I had parasites. So I did a parasitic colon cleanse and felt good for about a year. Then I did it again but it only lasted 6 months or so. I quite drinking altogether in 1998 but my digestive problems continued to get worse. I started getting very angry and irritable, very short fused with my family, and extremely frustrated. After lunch every day I would just lose all energy and would have to take a catnap. It was bad, I thought sometimes I was going to fall asleep driving, and I drove a lot for work.

One day cruising around on the Internet I found a site about oxygen. Now I was aware of the benefits of oxygen and am always on the look out for quality health products for my family and myself. I had used oxygen before on the kids when they would get sick in the past. It worked great for colds and sore throats, awesome stuff. There was a link to be a member and save $10 or buy retail. I signed up as a member because I knew I would want more and wholesale is the only way to go. Over the next few days I was looking around my corporate website and I found a yeast infection product. There also was a list of symptoms and a simple home test. As I read the symptoms I was floored. Most of them were like what I was going through or had gone through at one time or another. I took that simple home test the very next day(spit test). I had it big time!

The spit looked like spider webs from top to bottom of the glass of water. I had my wife do it, my 16 year old, and my 8 year old. My 8 year old was completely free of yeast. My wife and oldest daughter had it but not bad at all. My oldest daughter I must add had chronic ear problems as a child and was always on antibiotics, because at the time I did not know any better, as she grew up. Two years ago she had some irritable bowel symptoms and I yanked all grains from her diet. She got better right away, although now she eats that garbage again but so far has not had any problems that I know of.

I started doing some research on the Internet about candida and yeast infections and read a half a dozen books written on the subject. Eventually I moved on to encyclopedias and medical journals and scientific research reports. I quickly found out that the information found in medical journals is quite different from most of the information that is found on most candida yeast websites.

I checked out everyone’s suggested diet and compared them with what I had learned in school. I was not happy after doing this. Everyone had a different diet it seemed especially on the Internet. Some said grains were ok, some said no, some said rotate them, or use alternative grains, some even said potatoes were ok! Now we all know potatoes are nothing but a sugar ball and candida eats sugar. I was frustrated by this and getting very impatient to say the least. I was following their recommendations the best I could but not getting better fast enough.

I tried some of the herbs and acidophilus that they all recommend and that did improve things but not enough, I still had it and felt terrible. I found out along the way that most probiotic products are garbage and either don't contain the advertised dose or the strains being used aren't effective for yeast infections.

I tried Threelac, Oxygen Elements Plus, and Active Enzymes. After 4 weeks it was helping some, course I was taking 6 packets a day of Threelac, but the thought came to mind that this was going to take forever. I wanted no part of dealing with this for one or two years since I had been miserable for so long. It wasn't until I put it all together and realized this was all because of diet and immune system problems that I began to make progress.

One morning, you know that point when you are asleep and kind of awake? It all hit me, I knew exactly what to do. That was over fifteen years ago and today I still feel FANTASTIC!

I also decided to go to school to become a Nutritional Consultant and Holistic Healthcare Practitioner. All they really teach you is the basics so what I have learned about yeast infections, and continue to learn, by researching and working with people that ask for my help, has all been done on my own. Helping people with this problem has become my life's work.

I continue taking probiotics, a multivitamin and Omega 3's but I don't stick to the diet real close any more. I do limit my grain intake, keeps my weight down still to this day. I drink reverse osmosis filtered or spring water, organic coffee and an occasional Pepsi. Pepsi was real hard to give up and I had a headache for 3 days when I did. I love pepperoni pizza so I do eat that every now and then. I do have some Einkorn spaghetti every now and then. I love fruits so I eat them all now, including some of the anti-fungal fruits, as I kind of developed a taste for them and actually like them. Occasionally I will have a piece of cheesecake, cream cheese is listed as a good food, LOL, and I do eat a bowl of ice cream or sherbet upon occasion as well.

I feel great and you know I lost about 25 pounds on my diet and it is still off! Oh did I mention that my moods are stable again and I don't feel like ripping peoples heads off, life is good, really good. I do honestly believe if a person is not careful it can come back as it did many times in my life.

This website is a compilation of what I have learned, what I took to cure myself, and a way to give back to people. There is so much bad information out there that I felt I had to share what I know. It is almost like these books written by medical doctors were designed to drag the yeast infection out keeping you in their care or something? Seriously though, I think most doctors do mean well but they just don't know due to lack of education in this area.

I have heard things from people that doctors have said like: "it is impossible for anyone to get systemic yeast infections unless they have aids or are dying from leukemia".

And "you are never going to be able to get rid of your vaginal yeast infection, learn to live with it, would you like some Prozac"?

Come on, give me a BREAK, please!

Follow my advice here or feel free to contact me for personal advice and I will do my best to help you. 

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