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Stool testing when changing diet?

by Grant

Hi Dan,

I got a stool microbiome test kit, but I just started binge eating again and ruined my 3 month streak of eating a regular diet. Will eating vast quantities of foods I haven't had in month, or ever before, make the test too inaccurate to even bother doing it? (I think I even accidentally ate moldy cheese lmao).

Should I just take the test anyway, or should I try and eat regularly again for a while?

talk about self sabotage.


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May 12, 2021

by: Dan

A recent published study shows that consuming a high carb and high sugar diet does alter the microbiome in the gut and can lead to inflammation and colitis. This type of diet increased the number of harmful bacteria — especially Akkermansia muciniphila and Bacteroides fragilis which break down the mucus that lines and protects the colon. But it takes a while to alter the bacteria levels.

We can look at bacterial recovery times when taking antibiotics as a comparison. If taking a targeted antibiotic the typical regrowth time is three months. Broad spectrum antibiotics can take up to a year.

So a month of bing eating is not going to alter your good bacteria levels in such a way that it would invalidate the test. Actually, it might actually help by slightly elevating those levels making them easier to detect.

I would do the test now and if you would like, you can email the results and I will give you my thoughts.

May 13, 2021
by: Grant

Thanks Dan, that puts my mind at ease knowing that I haven't invalidated the test (i haven't taken it yet, because I would have held on to if for a while while I got my diet back on track for a while. But now I will proceed as normal)

I will definitely let you have a look at my results once I get them (functional medicine practitioner said it can take 4-5 weeks). I also will be taking the OAT test (I know the OAT test does have food restrictions, but that is only for 2 days so that isn't a problem)

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