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I am confused on what product to take?

by Jodi

I am confused on what product to take? I have yeast and candida all the time in my pap smear. Now I think I have candida on my toe nails. I have stomach pains also. I started Profase but sounds like I need to take something else. Please help me get rid of this problem and tell me what to take with Profase?

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Apr 13, 2021

by: Dan

I suggest doing what we have outlined on the treatment page here.

Biofase to remove the biofilm yeast builds over itself as a means of protection from drugs and herbs. Strip the biofilm and the herbs in Microfase will directly kill the Candida. Profase finishes the job and restores intestinal health with probiotics especially designed for this purpose.

You can treat the nails directly with oils such as grapefruitseed extract, oregano oil, coconut oil, and sometimes Vicks Vaporub works well.

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