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A rash that I have had for almost 2 months. First diagnosis was for Fifths' disease, then I found out after that I have a galloping yeast infection.

Can something like Fifth disease act as a catalyst to then bring on a massive yeast rash?

I also have multiple allergies, both indoor/outdoor/chemical & meds. When the rash first came on, I was given a diagnosis of Fifth disease, but it just won't quit. It is insanely itchy, & comes in 3-4 "types".

1) A lighter red/ lacey pattern all over.

2) A bright red rash with darker red "veins" running thru it.

3) Small red patches/ circles with bumps & slightly raised; recently I developed one with a angry red ring w/ bumps & a whitish center.

4) Also, an acne looking raised bumps, some stay red bumps, while others come with a white top.

The worst areas are my scalp, face, neck ears & chest. But the lacy rash is all over & the patches & red bumps happen on my arms/legs. All of my skin from start to now is insanely itchy. The lacy & red rash with red veins & the patches & bumps can come & go in severity during the day/or not. To rub/scratch feels like my skin is burning, also, if feels as if I am being pricked by pins all over.

I also have active eczema & rosacea. I am 53 yrs old.

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Jul 21, 2021

by: Dan

Fifth disease is caused by Parvovirus B19, which is a virus. It is usually diagnosed by sight alone but they can also do a blood test to verify if you have the virus.

I do not know if Fifth disease can lead to skin yeast infections or not but it does seem to infect people with compromised immunity, which is a risk factor for fungal infections of the skin. The worst areas you mentioned are typically where the fungus Malassezia infects, which can also cause eczema. It prefers the areas of the body that typically secret more oils from the skin; the scalp, face, and upper torso because it feeds on these sebum rich oils. I have a webpage on Malassezia here if you would like more information on this fungi.

What you describe does not sound like Candida yeast, which typically infects the folds of the skin or areas of the skin that have been broken. Folds in the skin are warmer and can be moist from sweat, which helps it grow.

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