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To make things easy for everyone you can order or re-order any of the probiotics here. The Add to Cart buttons will direct you to the store. From there you can add anything you want to the cart and checkout. Or, just go to the store and order from there.

None of these probiotics are shipped on ice, for an explanation why, please see this page. If you are concerned about heat, please use the Priority Mail or Express option and not First Class shipping.

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USPS First Class usually takes, but is not guaranteed3 to 7 days. First Class mail does not come with insurance.

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Note: If you have tried Biofase or Profase and this is your second or third time ordering because it works well for you, if you leave a review on the store website, under Biofase or Profase, I will email you a coupon code for 10% off.


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Kits come in two sizes. The Small kit contains 1 Biofase 90 caps, 1 Profase 60 caps, and 1 Floraphage 30 caps. The Large kit contains 1 Biofase 180 caps, 1 Profase 120 caps and 1 Floraphage 90 caps. Both kits are discounted 5% below individual pricing and Priority mail shipping is Free.


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One bottle is $45.00 or 6 bottles for $225.00. CP-1 is shipped by USPS Priority mail or Express, your choice.


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The 50 gram bottle is $115.00 and the 100 gram bottle is $190.00 with Free USPS Priority mail shipping within the U.S.

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