The votes are in and a monthly Newsletter won by a mile, so that is what it will be, even though I did not get one out last month. The holiday season was busier than usual since we traveled to see family out of town. Any way, audio was about 50/50 so for now I am not going to include it. Topics? Well, that was all over the board from whatever I want to pass on, to immune system, yeast, sinus infections, send me anything since I enjoy learning about health matters…and, some of you want to know what I take to stay healthy. So this month is going to be about:

How To Bullet Proof Yourself From Colds and Flu or Any Virus

Last month my wife and I were walking thru Costco along a back wall behind the Eye dept. We came upon these tables and chairs with loads of people waiting around and getting flu shots. As I went thru behind my wife one of the nurses said, “like to get a flu shot sir?” I said, “oh no, I know better” rather loudly and kept right on walking. You see study after study has found that flu shots do not work.

The most recent study was run in Italy on their senior population and found absolutely no difference in death rates or in reported cases of the flu. The study noted, "after the late 1980s, no decline in age-adjusted excess mortality was associated with increasing influenza vaccination distribution primarily targeted for the elderly," suggesting that at least one possibility was that "the vaccine failed to protect the elderly."

Interestingly, the researchers who compiled the numbers concluded that there was a need for better trials with alternative vaccination strategies. Vaccine October 30, 2006; 24(42-43): 6468-6475

“One critic determined to expose the CDC and vaccine manufacturers for falsely instilling fear into people has found the truth behind the "statistics." According to the CDC's most recent death statistics located on their Web site, influenza and pneumonia killed 62,034 people in 2001. That means, in light of the current statistic, that just over half of those deaths resulted from the flu. However, upon further investigation, the actual number of deaths caused by the flu came to 257, with pneumonia accounting for the remaining number of deaths.” October 9, 2004. Big News October 16, 2004

Wow! Only 257 people died from the flu in 2001. Then what is the big deal about flu shots every year? I say, follow the money.

On top of that the flu vaccine contains:

· Aluminum hydroxide

· Animal tissues
· Monosodium glutamate (MSG)
· Henoxyethanol (antifreeze)
· Sorbitol
· Sucrose
· Thimerosal, a toxic preservative that contains mercury (probably the worst of them all)

Talk about poison yourself. Getting the flu is so easily avoided it is pathetic. But it is not in the medical communities best interest to tell you how to prevent it since the industry is based upon treating the symptoms of the illness, not prevention. Besides, the items needed to avoid the flu are cheap and they wouldn’t make them any money.

So what should you do to Bullet Proof yourself and you’re loved ones from colds, flu’s, or any virus? I’ll get to that in a minute, but first I need to let you know how a virus works…

All flu’s and viruses secret an enzyme that dissolves a hole in the cell wall so they can enter that cell. Once inside they wine and dine, alter the genetic code of the cell, and digest a way out with that enzyme and enter the neighboring cell. This is a simple explanation of a complex event that happens at lightning speeds but it is what happens none-the-less. Cancer spreads the very same way and many other diseases do as well.

Now cell walls are mostly made from collagen and fats and if you can strengthen the cell walls you can stop this process.

Collagen is the largest protein source in the body, 95%. It is the glue that holds us together and is the major component of all soft tissues. It is also used in the formation of bone. If the cell walls are strong and the collagen matrix is healthy, the flu virus, or any other virus can still digest a way into the cell although it is harder for it to do so. However, it can’t get out and spread! The immune system then has the time to remove the sick cell, result, you don’t get sick.

Collagen is made from Vitamin C, the amino acids L-lysine, L-proline, and Omega 3 fats. L-proline is the only material that the body can produce on its own if it has the nutrients to do so, and in the formation of collagen the body uses an enormous amount of this amino acid. The rest of the items that make collagen have to be consumed from our diets or take supplements. Supplements are the easy way to go here since almost no one eats right these days and our foods are severely depleted of nutrients from fertilizer burnout to the soils.

What is the right dose of each item to build a strong collagen matrix and prevent flu’s and other viruses?

3000mgs L-lysine

1000mgs L-proline
2000mgs Omega 3’s

How much Vitamin C? I have people tell me that they have read that you shouldn’t take over 1000mgs of vitamin C. The RDA currently recommends 60mg but the standards for all supplements are currently being revised. I suspect that they will suggest 150 mgs or somewhere around there. Is that enough?

Consider these facts.

All animals except for humans, primates, fruit bats, guinea pigs, and the red-vented bulbul bird produce their own vitamin C. They do this with a liver enzyme that converts glucuronic acid derived from glucose. Studies show that they produce 1000mgs per 15.4 pounds of body weight. This suggests that a 150-pound human would need 10,000mgs a day of Vitamin C. Even a 300-pound gorilla in the wild eating wholesome raw fruits and vegetables consumes 6000mgs a day. Take away that amount of Vitamin C from gorillas in captivity, and they get heart disease, high blood pressure, and get sick more often than not.

The liver also uses an enormous amount of Vitamin C to make glutathione in conjunction with N-acetylcysteine. Glutathione is the body’s master antioxidant. Basically, the more glutathione you have, the longer you are going to live.

So you should take at least 3000mgs a day of Vitamin C to remain healthy.

In addition to that, your first line of defense in the body and 75% of the body’s immune system is located in the intestine. The major components of that immune system are good bacteria. All 12 to 20 trillion of them which is somewhere around 3 pounds give or take.

Since most people do not eat right and consume to many grain products and processed foods that create dysbiosis. These foods ferment in the gut creating alcohols and other poisons and these poisons kill your good bacteria. You become unbalanced and bad bacteria are created and bingo, you get bacterial infections. And now you also don’t have this first line of defense from flu’s and other viruses and yeast.

So…take a good probiotic like Total Immune Booster and the supplements listed above, like I do everyday, and at least give yourself a chance against the flu and viruses if you don’t want to eat right. It actually wouldn’t be a bad idea to take it everyday even if you did eat right, it is much easier to prevent disease than it is to get rid of it.

Next months Newsletter is going to be about what to look for when buying supplements, I think you might like it. People are getting ripped off so bad it is pathetic. So I’m going to let you know what you should look for before spending your money on any ones products.

Best Wishes <>,


P.S. Watch this movie, it is the way it is. The Secret

P.P.S. For those of you that read this far I have a question. When you are looking for health information on the Internet, are you more inclined to listen to someone in the medical field, i.e. Nutritionist, Naturopath, Holistic Health Practitioner, Doctor, etc? Or just your average Joe with related information on their website? Thank you for the reply in advance!

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